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Shipping & Returns

If you choose to return an item, for any reason, within 30 days of original delivery, we will give a full refund less shipping and handling charges (credited to your credit card account) upon return of the item in its original condition.

If the package shows signs of damaage when it arrives, don't accept delivery unless you can determine that the item inside is undamaged.

There are no returns on sale items or on any item after 30 days from delivery. For this reason, it is important that you examine all items carefully upon delivery.

Shipping Policy/Delivery Policy

Please be assured that your items will ship out within two days of purchase. We determine the most efficient and economical carrier for your order, usually the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).  However, service by United Parcel Service (UPS) or FedEx is available upon request.

If you are trying to estimate when a package will be delivered, please note the following:

Credit card authorization and verification must be received prior to processing. USPS pick-ups at our store occur Monday-Friday.

If you require express or 2-day shipping, please call us at (212) 675-4480.

Shipping and Handling Cost

Shipping costs are determined by the weight of the package. For most orders, we add just $1.00 to the actual shipping cost. Books, records (LPs and CDs), and videos can be most economically shipped by USPS Media Mail within the U.S. and its territories. International orders are subject to higher shipping costs and fewer shipping options. If you prefer, we can advise you of the cost of alternate shipping rates or carriers.

PLEASE NOTE: Out-of-state and international orders WILL NOT be charged saled tax. In-state (New York) orders will be charged the sales tax appropriate to their county of origin.

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